I am the definition of the word lazy. I´m not saying this to be funny. If there was a competition for being lazy I would be disqualified from it for being too good. If sleeping was a career I would be overqualified. When I´m happy I sleep. When I´m sad I sleep. When I´m full i sleep. When i´m bored I sleep. Sleeping fixes everything for me. This is why I claim to be lazy. If people were to describe me the words that would come to mind are chill, procrastinate, relax, rock, sleepyhead and bum. I was the kind of guy who would write an essay on the last day and hand it in a few minutes before the deadline. I was the kind of the guy who would show up to interviews completely unprepared and just wing it. I was the kind of guy who ate whatever I wanted, drank whatever and slept whenever I wanted. Unfortunately, time caught up with me and I had to became something called an “adult” and suddenly I couldn´t prioritise sleeping anymore. Suddenly, every little food I put in my mouth began to take a toll on my body. So I was forced to do what human beings do best. Adapt. I now have to get out of bed before 9 A.M. after having spent about 2 years skipping 8 A.M. classes in college and skimming my way into earning a degree. I had to start watching what I eat. I had to start hitting the gym not because it was fun but because it became necessary. SO if I (laziest bum of the planet) can make this kind of UNFORTUNATE transition then so can you.

I´m 23 years old and I´m half Sierra Leonean and half Lebanese. Don´t know which nationality offers less privileges 😛 I´m kidding. Or maybe I´m not. I kinda like somethings about my two nationalities. But I also hate a lot of other things. But thats a topic for another day. Chocolate Viking is a name gave myself only for this blog 😀 cause I lived in Norway for six years and thus promoted myself to a viking… a brown one. But chocolate sounds cooler than brown. lol brown viking. kinda dumb. But I love chocolate and I love Norwegians. They were really good to me! I currently reside in Canada, in my parents basement. Where I get free food and heating. I recently got a part time job at Apple. Haven´t started yet though, until next week. I love life, but mostly I love people (about two-hands-full of them). My parents, my sister, my girlfriend, my close relatives and my best friends. There is no particular order to it (incase either party is reading this). Females tend to read too much into things 😛 I apologise in advance for having the tendency to generalise based on race and sex. I´m unnecessarily honest sometimes. I live my life for the people I love. I like to think that each one owns a certain part of me. Like if my parents own my arms then my sister owns my head..and my girlfriend owns my heart 😀 yaay ok. bye.

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