Lets be grateful together 😊

I was having a conversation with my girlfriend about a month ago where I revealed my dissatisfaction with the way the past year has unfolded. In our conversation I reluctantly admitted that my year felt unfulfilled and that in the future I would have a hard time remembering anything special about the year 2014. It was a strange year for me in a sense that I did not feel any significant progress, almost as though I spent it running on an imaginary treadmill when my 12 year old self had imagined myself flying by the age of 25, so to speak. I looked back at the goals I set out at the end of 2013 and realized I did not accomplish half the things on my list. As I opened up further about my fears and anxieties my girlfriend simply nodded as if to say she understood where I was coming from. Last year felt as though I lost touch with my feelings of contentment and was searching desperately for an anxious remedy. It got to the point where I contemplated getting a motorcycle and my girlfriend diagnosed me with a mild case of quarter life crisis. I still wan to get a motorcycle now… for other reasons… don’t tell my parents.

The truth is if I focused on the negative factors of last year I could count a lot of them. Or I could change my perspective and realize that my experiences in 2014 were a lot more meaningful and life altering than I initially presumed.

Here is another way I could look at 2014:

  • I traveled overseas twice
  • Went to Mexico with my girlfriend
  • Conquered another year of long distance
  • Started and quit another job 😛
  • Took on a new position at my job
  • Our new dog, Messi, was born
  • Made some new friends
  • Lost a ton of weight during summer
  • Gained a lot of muscle during winter
  • Saw my best friends that I hadn’t seen in a while
  • Went to Niagara falls with my family and girlfriend
  • Learned to influence my own happiness more profoundly

I was wrong to complain to my girlfriend. Not only because the act of complaining is detrimental but also because my reasons were misplaced. And while this post is starting to read like a sob story I want to quickly change the tone to a cheerier one. It took me some time to realize that there is one thing that outweighs everything else on my list above; the fact that all the people I love and care about are alive and well. This is one thing a lot of people take for granted in their incessant maze of self-preservation. I am extremely thankful for having the people I hold dearly to my heart alive and well. Some of these people live on separate floors and some live across the ocean. But at a moments notice I can see their vivacious faces on my phone. I am thankful for having grown a year older and hopefully a year wiser. I am thankful that there was finally a proper initiative taken against Ebola, which plagued my country for months. I am thankful to have endless opportunities to better myself both spiritually and physically. I am thankful that my girlfriend is still relentlessly in love with me and for that I love her back with the same intensity. Most of all, I am thankful that Barcelona made it to the semi final of the Champions league 😛

I always thought to myself that if heaven existed the set up would be as follows. There would be a very comfortable chair in front of a cinematic screen where we would have the option of viewing every second of our lives. The other day I was looking through old pictures and videos and realized that I took an ample lot the past year. So why not make my idea of heaven a reality?(Check out the video below) I learned for 2015 though to hold my phone horizontally when taking new photos. So don’t slander my camera skills!        Moral of this post, as cheesy and redundant as it sounds; the key to happiness is gratitude.

Thank you for reading, thank you for being you, and thank you for having a positive influence in my life and those around you 😊

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